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You Could Save Thousands!

by selling your home with U16818 instead of with brokers who charge a 6% commission. You could save thousands in commission. More money goes to your pocket!

Buyer Rebate Programs

When you purchase an existing property or new build through U16818, you may qualify for one of our special rebate programs that gives you back up to 1% of the purchase price at closing! To see a complete new home listing, check out our web site at

Save Your Money

U16818 financial services offers you instant access to a world of knowledge and information, including mortgage calculators, application forms and a look at the current rates. We provide mortgage loans for home purchases, refinance, investment properties, or cash out for any purpose. When you are ready, you can apply for a loan on-line or apply by phone.

Rates are at record lows. Now is the time to buy your dream home or save by refinancing your current home.

Home Purchase

Get mortgage loan to help you and your family to purchase your dream new home. U16818 financial services company can be your valuable mortgage broker who will manage your loan application process and coordinate wtih your real estate broker. Contact us and find out how much you can borrow and how much house you can buy based on standard lender guidelines.


The U16818 financial services company, as mortgage broker, can help you find a refinancing loan for the lowest rates possible. You can apply on-line or call us. Our experience agent will choose and get the exact home loan mortgage to meet your specific needs. Timing is everything. Why wait, get started right away!

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